Our first-ever NCSSM hackathon was a huge success! On January 18th, thirty students created seven fantastic projects. We had representatives and speakers from nine companies helping the participants and offering their expertise.

Our winning team developed a database with scholarship and summer opportunities, and a website to access, search, and add to that database. Our runner-up team developed an interactive Python skiing game. A couple of other projects included a website to organize NCSSM’s ping pong team, a plugin-based text editor, and a text-based RPG game.

List of projects:

UniOpps (Scholarship/Opportunity Database + Website)

Github: https://github.com/Quillewd/Hackathon

Team members: Robert Brunson, Michael Erickson, Draden Barwick,Carson Cole

Ping Pong Ranking Website

Github: https://github.com/lollipop1dino/points-management

Team members: Jacob Grinberg, Bhargav Vaduri, Joseph Campbell, Trey Weidmann

Penguin Ski Game

Github: https://github.com/zhuci/skiGameUniHacks

Team members: Adam Kosinski, Cindy Zhu, Sriya Dhupati, Ankita Nandi

NCSSM Admissions ChatBox

Github: https://github.com/amichelledee/unihacksproject

Team members: Jewel Marlowe, Arianna Dwomoh, Divya Aikat

Description: When conducting tours for the public or meeting new students, NCSSM Student Ambassadors have realized that the most commonly asked questions tend to be centered around a few primary concerns. While many of the answers to these questions can be found on the website, prospective NCSSM students and parents often have difficulty navigating NCSSM’s website and finding the answers they want. To rectify this challenge, our team created an interactive platform for potential students and their families to receive answers to frequently asked questions. We originally ran into the problem of choosing a platform that we easy to use and implement but then we discovered Engati! Engati is a free chatbot platform to build AI bots quickly without any coding required. The NCSSM Admissions Chatbox has answers to over fifty common questions, question pathways to allow for followup questions and links to external sources that give more in-depth answers. The Chatbox can always be edited, so it is easy to use in the future! This Chatbox will diminish the volume of redundant questions from future NCSSM students and expand the accessibility of the admissions process.

Astrophotography Stacking Applet

Github: https://github.com/yambati03/ASA

Team members: Gabe Hart, Yashas Ambati, Benjamin Gordon, Sam Hiner

Description: The APA takes in a series of images of stars that have moved some amount and stacks them. This means that stars are identified in each image and an algorithm matches and aligns the stars across images. Then, we are able to combine the data between the transformed images to create one image that contains all of the data across a set of images. This is beneficial because it does not create motion artifacts that arise from taking one 2-minute exposure of the sky, but retains the same amount of data.


Github: https://github.com/treecant/WordPlusPlus2

Team members: Srinath Vasudevan, David Niu, Srikant Vasudevan, and Justin Zhang

Description: Word++ is a specialized text editor made with Java and focuses on modularity and dynamic functionality. It is focused on plugins, from which it derives the majority of its functionality.

Text-Based RPG Game

Github: https://github.com/burgess21k/Hackathon2019

Team members: Kylie Burgess, Chayse Chandler, Sarah Motteler, Trevor Kitsinian

Connect (adaptation of Connect 4 in multiple dimensions)

Github: https://github.com/NiknAknO/Connect

Team members: Niko Rush

UniOpps (Scholarship/Opportunity Database)

Python Ski Game

NCSSM Admissions Chatbot