Featured Faculty and Staff Profiles


Engineering and Computational Science Instructor Garrett Love shares wisdom grounded in the experience of many generations of educators about how to successfully master the sometimes chaotic world of engineering.


Computer Science Instructor Keethan Kleiner shares his love for programming and AI and exposing students at his alma mater to opportunities in Computer Science


Computer Science Instructor Rex Jeffries shares his experiences as a student and teacher at universities across North Carolina and his love for taking things apart and figuring out the details of how systems work


Engineering Instructor John Kirk shares his journey from an electrical engineer in industry to engineering instructor at NCSSM as well as his numerous excursions to enjoy art and architecture all across Western Europe.


Fab Lab Director Bec Conrad shares her extensive experience with art, mechanical engineering, and robotics and how she applies her expertise to invigorate the Fab Lab


Engineering Instructor Larry Myers shares his journey from industry to academia and his love for music


New AI Curriculum Architect Ms. Charlotte Dungan shares her unique journey to merge computer science and education and revolutionize computer science and artificial intelligence education across the state of North Carolina


New Fab Lab Assistant Ms. Shalane Hairston brings her love of physics and teaching to NCSSM and the Fab Lab.