Mr. Larry Myers

Instructor of Engineering

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Mr. Larry Myers joins NCSSM after an extensive engineering career in a variety of fields related to device development, requirements setting, nuclear energy, and sound and music. He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University. He is “very excited about this opportunity to help mentor the next generation of engineers” and looks forward to collaborating with the music community at NCSSM.

We sat down with Mr. Myers to talk with him about his love for engineering, music, and teaching high school students.

How did Mr. Myers first become interested in Engineering?

One of Mr. Myers high school Biology teachers recognized that he had inclinations in science and math and recommended that he try engineering. He still remembers this teacher, Mrs. Dutro, to this day for the role that she played in his journey to become an engineer.

What did Mr. Myers do before coming to NCSSM?

Mr. Myers obtained his B.A. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University where he received a scholarship. He also considered programs at Rice and Cal Polytechnic before he chose to attend Purdue.

He originally enrolled in a new program called Biomedical Engineering before switching to Electrical Engineering because he found it interesting. For a brief moment, he also considered quitting engineering school and going to music school instead, but he persevered in engineering.

What did Mr. Myers do before coming to NCSSM?

After engineering school, Mr. Myers focused on getting a job. He worked at IBM on Digital Signal Processing, then switched to systems engineering at GTE government systems. He then went back to IBM to design chipsets. Mr. Myers has also worked as a Chief Engineer at Mustard Tree Instruments designing Raman Spectroscopy systems, as a Senior Engineer at Sony Ericsson designing cell phones, and as an Engineering at GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. In a nutshell, Mr. Myers is not afraid to try new things!

Why did Mr. Myers decide to work at a High School?

Just like his former biology teacher, Mr. Myers loves to inspire students and develop their natural inclinations for engineering.

What is Mr. Myers' favorite thing about NCSSM?

Working with students and his amazing colleagues ;) He also loves that everyone is very student-focused and in general, the politics are outweighed by focusing on the best interest of the students.

What does Mr. Myers like to do outside of NCSSM?

Mr. Myers is an accomplished musician. He performs at the Blue Note Grill where he plays the electric guitar and sings. He is also an athlete, with tennis and basketball being among his favorites. He is also a pretty amazing grandad, with four grandkids between 2-5 years old.

If Mr. Myers could give NCSSM students one piece of advice, what would it be?

"Take some time to relax and have some fun."

"Chill. Take it all into perspective."

And there you have it :)