Engineering and

Computer Science

The mission of the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at NCSSM, education professionals with a depth and breadth of technical expertise, is to serve the larger mission of the school with focused efforts to expand and diversify the population of students engaged in engineering and computer science.

Our mission statement is to:

  • Foster curiosity and innovation through hands-on exploration and the joy of discovery
  • Provide exposure to our disciplines through meaningful interactions with technology and technical professionals
  • Instill fundamental skills necessary for excellence in engineering and computer science
  • Create, teach, share, and disseminate innovative course content using pedagogical best practices
  • Engage in meaningful personal and professional development

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NCSSM Team Named National WINNERS in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

A team of NCSSM students led by Instructor of Engineering Dr. Letitia Hubbard has been named one of five NATIONAL WINNERS in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition. As a National Winner, the NCSSM Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Sustainable Recycling Team has been awarded $100,000 in Samsung technology for the school.

The students created an app that uses image processing and machine learning algorithms to help people separate recyclables and non-recyclables. An estimated 25% of recycling is contaminated by waste, making cross-contamination a tremendous problem for recycling centers across the country.

Dr. Hubbard says, "This award is only a small glimpse of what happens at NCSSM and definitely could not have happened without all of the support from the entire NCSSM community."