Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at NCSSM, education professionals with a depth and breadth of technical expertise, is to serve the larger mission of the school with focused efforts to expand and diversify the population of students engaged in engineering and computer science through:

  • Fostering curiosity and innovation through hands-on exploration and the joy of discovery

  • Providing exposure to our disciplines through meaningful interactions with technology and technical professionals

  • Instilling fundamental skills necessary for excellence in engineering and computer science

  • Creating, teaching, sharing, and disseminating innovative course content using pedagogical best practices

  • Engaging in meaningful personal and professional development

Core Values

The Engineering and Computer Science department recognizes the importance of bringing together strengths in many areas, both inside and outside our discipline, to improve our society. We have identified several core values that we consider to be essential to training our students to be technical leaders.