Engineering and

Computer Science

Our mission, as education professionals with a depth and breadth of technical expertise, is to serve the larger mission of the school with focused efforts to expand and diversify the population of students engaged in engineering and computer science. Our mission statement is to:

  • Foster curiosity and innovation through hands-on exploration and the joy of discovery

  • Provide exposure to our disciplines through meaningful interactions with technology and technical professionals

  • Instill fundamental skills necessary for excellence in engineering and computer science

  • Create, teach, share, and disseminate innovative course content using pedagogical best practices

  • Engage in meaningful personal and professional development

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The entrance of the offices off the Reynolds Breezeway is graced by "Okeanos", a work of art by Annie Chen '18 that was constructed in the Peter T. Haughton Innovation and Fabrication Laboratory. The organic form emphasizes technology's relationship to our world and invites participation from a broader audience of students who may not be drawn-in by traditional symbols of our disciplines. It is accompanied by a quote from Steve Jobs relating the importance of the context of humanity when developing technology.


Computer Science Chair Pilots First Course from Morganton Faculty

The chair of computer science, Dr. Larry Hodges, taught Human and Computer Interaction from Morganton to a remote class in a Durham classroom as classes started in our residential program. This is our first course from Morganton faculty and an exciting pilot of the technology and processes that could lead to more cross-campus opportunities. A big thank you to Dr. Garrett Love, chair of engineering, who has worked with Larry over the summer to put everything in place and who is facilitating the course in Durham.