Courses and Placement

Welcome to the department of Engineering and Computer Science. We hope the information below and on the pages linked below each discipline will be helpful in selecting your courses.

Graduation Requirements: During your time at NCSSM you are required to take one engineering or computer science course. An additional course in this department will also satisfy the STEM elective requirement.

Placement Information: You cannot satisfy the Engineering and Computer Science graduation requirement with courses taken at other schools or other prior work; however that prior work may allow you to take advanced courses earlier. Please see the Placement Information in each area if you wish to use prior experience to bypass the prerequisites for an intermediate or advanced course.

Online Courses: Residential students are welcome and encouraged to take online courses. Online students will have priority for online sections and residential students will be placed in residential versions in semesters when both are offered.

Online Students: The May 4, 2021 question and answer session for online Engineering and Computer Science courses has been recorded and is available for viewing at this link.

We want to also expand on our answer to the question of prerequisites for the Human and Computer Interaction course in computer science. Taking the online cryptography course offered by Math, Scientific Program offered by Science, or the computational physics course from Science satisfies the introductory programming requirement as does your providing Computer Science AP scores or demonstrating competence through a placement exam. Details on placement are available here.

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