Engineering courses at NCSSM are designed to introduce students to the field of engineering, with focus on one of the many fields in the discipline.  These courses can be used to fulfill NCSSM graduation requirements for either the "Engineering and Computer Science" or "STEM elective" subject areas. 

If you have prior experience with engineering and want to be considered for advanced courses right away, scroll down to the placement section. 

To best utilize the expertise of our faculty and to provide a wider variety of engineering courses, some courses are taught by offsite faculty to a local campus classroom using state-of-the-art broadcast technology (see the indicator in the course offering chart).

Residential students are welcome to take online courses at times when the course is not available on their local residential campus. However, online students are given registration priority for these online sections.


Robotics Design placement is permitted with instructor approval.  Please contact Mr. Hilton (Morganton campus) or Dr. Love (Durham campus) with information about your past robotics experience to be considered.

Biomedical Instrumentation (Durham campus) and Circuits (Durham campus) have electrical engineering and calculus as a prerequisites. The electrical engineering prerequisite can be satisfied by exam. Please contact Mr. Kirk to make an appointment for the exam, allowing sufficient time for exam scheduling and grading before the close of the registration period. 


Courses without Prerequisites

The introductory CAD/CAM course teaches skills that are valuable in many disciplines and enables the design and construction of items for research, academic competitions, and projects in the Peter T. Haughton Innovation and Fabrication Laboratory.

If you are ready to initiate your study if engineering in a specific interest area, we have a wide variety of introductory courses focused on different engineering fields and open to all students without prerequisites. These courses take students through the main concepts underlying the specific engineering discipline and use a variety of activities and projects to reinforce learning and the engineering design process. 

Courses with Prerequisites

We have a few advanced engineering courses that can help students prepare for a rigorous engineering curriculum in college. These courses have prerequisites and have expectations that are higher than those in our other courses.

We also have a robotics design opportunity, an interdisciplinary opportunity with physics, and an online biotechnology course